Listen to Your Child

“Taking the time to truly listen to someone can communicate our love and respect even more than the spoken word.” Dave Willis

As adults, we sometimes forget to pause a moment and listen to our children. And if we did listen it would just be a brief moment.  But if we stop to listen and heighten our senses to really hear them speak, we will definitely experience a magical moment; a moment of profound spiritual connection. Our children are innocent beings with an innate gift of inner vision. Their souls are pure and untainted. They live within their own flora and fauna; highly connected to the Unseen. As the toddler examines a caterpillar crawling on a leaf, her inner thoughts speak a thousand words. A child would innocently accept nature at its best; something which, we as adults would miss. In the pursuit of searching for worldly success, just stop for a while and LISTEN. Our children may be telling us things we have once forgotten or missed. Something that may resonate close to our hearts.

Have a good day.